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Syndicated research Program

Our syndicated research programs extend from annual strategic research reports to topical ones and cover a breadth of questions to help the clients understand the trends in the emerging technologies domain.

Customer Value Meter (CVM)

This document envisions empowering the CIO/CDO/CFO community in decision-making pertaining to any emerging technology domain. The report also provides a high-level assessment of the major technology vendors operating globally in the domain, considering product capabilities, integration within organizations, support, and commercials.

A key differentiator of this research program is that insights are collected from web surveys and research from technology users and decision-makers. Thus, it is inherently based on Customer Feedback only, and not on any Analyst Opinion.

Value for Technology Decision-Makers
  • Objective feedback directly from the peer community on vendor evaluation and selection for analytics solution
  • Insights to refine and enhance existing and future Analytics implementations
Value for Technology Vendors
  • Understand and appreciate customer inputs on analytics solutions for further improvement of solutions or to build newer features in existing solutions
  • Gain insights on customer adoption, challenges, priorities, and on competition
Vendor Brief

This document envisions to provide solution details of the vendors – product capabilities & use cases; deployment, pricing and commercials. Also included would be detailed customer feedback on the solution and the vendor. The document is prepared from detailed customer/decision maker insights only, and not on Analyst opinion, and hence provides immense value to both technology vendors and decision-makers in driving appropriate business decisions.

Value for Technology Decision-Makers
  • Objective feedback directly from the peer community on vendor evaluation and selection for analytics solution
Value for Technology Vendors
  • Gain an understanding of customer feedback on their existing solutions and of their competitors
Ambition to Action

This is a series of reports mainly targeted for the CXOs in technology end user organizations, and covers questions bordering around how can emerging technologies be leveraged for business growth and transformation.

Value for Technology Decision-Makers
  • What technologies should be used for transformation and for growth?
  • What are industry peers evaluating and implementing?
  • What are the use cases for different emerging technologies and how can these be leveraged?
  • What is the maturity of organizations with regards to adoption and effective usage of emerging technologies?
  • What are the challenges being faced before, during, and after the implementation of these emerging technologies?
  • How can the challenges be alleviated?
  • What are the best practices available for the CIOs to be considered for these implementations?
  • How should the technology projects be evaluated for success? What should be the key KPIs?
  • What should be the typical vendor selection criteria for different emerging technologies?
Market Watch

This document envisions capturing latest and futuristic industry trends, product introductions, mergers & acquisitions in the emerging technologies domains globally.

Value for Technology Decision-Makers
  • Benchmark and refine your IT strategy based on future trends in the industry and on peer feedback
  • Ensure that organization is not left “behind the curve”
Value for Technology Vendors
  • Get a pulse of the next big technology investment across different industry verticals in India and craft appropriate strategies for value capturing
Emerging Technologies Coverage
  • Blockchain
  • Cognitive technologies/Artificial Intelligence
  • Automation & RPA
  • IOT
  • Cloud
  • Security
  • DevOps and many more
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Reinnovo envisions being a growth-consulting partner for companies and providing end-to-end assistance in driving growth and acceleration of business operations. Our services would range from charting out a strategic course of action to implementing the plans for our clients through adequate interventions in marketing, business development, technology, financing, human resources, and other functions. This would be made possible through our extensive network of partners in several business functions globally.